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Bella Rossi - Captured Cunt

One of the most amazing features about Bella is her amazing large natural breasts. Plump, firm, and can take quite a lot of sensation. In scene one, Bella is bound kneeling on a platform with leather straps and her arms in a box position. The only thing keeping her on the platform is her enormous tits tied to the pole in front of her. Her pretty face is kept visible by binding her hair up. We can't help but start to play with her, torment her, challenge her. Scene two, cunt is bound in an elevated metal hogtie. Her wrists, elbows, neck, and ankles are all trapped inside of unforgiving metal shackles and her legs are elevated forcing the cunt's face into the ground. Claire ups the ante and introduces cunt to the spike board. Her tits compress and bulge over the surface of the spikes... eating and chewing into them. Completely helpless to alleviate discomfort, all the cunt can do it take it. In Scene three, we make cunt pretty. She gets installed in a shiny corset, high heels, leather posture collar and placed standing in spread eagle. Her breasts are bound up to chains that keep her arms up. If she struggles, the cunt will just repeatedly yank on her tits, much to her suffering and our enjoyment. She gets pushed to her limits of endurance for our pleasure.

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Beretta James is a special breed of determination and openness that make elaborate bondage games possible. We play with fear during her whole shoot. Wasting no time, her head, torso and legs are encased in pantyhose, then a thick layer of duct tape. Hung upside down, her breasts beg to be cut free from the nylon and ripened like fruit with mean clamps and weights attached. There is no interest in seeing her simply endure difficult bondage, we want to see a transformation of beauty and bizarre. Second, she is installed in a spare parts metal chair made for her and zip tied to it. Simple bondage, but completely inescapable. Terrorized with intense fear play, her brow furrows and eyes moistened. How does she cum when she is so scared and excited? We get curious. Finally, Beretta is placed into a very strenuous stock hogtie. Her body slathered in oil to show off the amazing figure she knows she has. Confident still, layers of her are peeled apart slowly as layer upon layer of pain is slowly built up. There is no hiding when a girl orgasms.